When you can't stand the heat, but can't get out of the kitchen.

86 Heat Stress Initiative

Objective: To increase awareness and promote best practices for heat safety among restaurant back of house staff, in order to prevent heat-related illnesses and ensure a safe, productive work environment.

Helping Hospitality Beat the Heat

Our goal is to equip restaurant cooks, chefs, kitchen staff, restaurant owners, and managers with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain heat safety in the kitchen, prevent heat-related illnesses, and create a safe and productive work environment.

A Recipe for Disaster

Learn more about our 86 Heat Stress initiative.

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Training Menu

Click here for an outline of the heat awareness training plan. 

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Restaurant Personal Risk Assessment

Personal risk assessment designed to help Back of House
employees identify potential hazards.

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Restaurant Hazard Assessment

Restaurant Hazard Assessment and Checklist. 

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Restaurant Inspired Heat Illness Posters

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Heat Stroke 

Heat Exhaustion

Heat Cramps

Heat Rash

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